Meet the Team

Shaped in the fires of Vulcan's forge, Ben is recognised far and wide, not only for his strength and vigor, but for his glorious mane of tumbling locks. Frequently mistaken for a famous anime character, Ben enjoys spending his evenings basking in the blood of his enemies and repairing French period furniture. 

Fun fact - Ben once appeared on Stars in Their Eyes as The Edge from U2

If you had to ask Josh whether he prefers funny accents or micromanagement, he would probably combust. It is often said that if you don't like Josh that there is something wrong with you, and he is often employed by Police Scotland as a kind of sniffer dog for catching bastards for this very reason.

Fun fact - Josh holds dual citizenship of the UK and Mordor.

Like a demented puppeteer with a keyboard, Charlotte works in the shadows to make internets stuff for the Unlucky Frog. Legend has it that if you say "Charlotte" three times in the mirror at midnight and spin around, that all of your social media accounts will be managed and all of your email replies sent.

Fun Fact - Charlotte once appeared as an extra on Heartbeat.

Charlotte / Marketing and Promotions Manager

Josh / Thing Two

Ben / Thing One