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25 Games of Christmas

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

We will be counting down our favourite table top games to play...so snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the cosy fire, and read about our Christmas Tales

Citadels by Z Man Games: Citadels is a bluffing game that constantly puts players at odds with one another, forcing strategies to continually shift. It has a great medieval theme and has been a staple of ours for many years - Picked by Ben

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop: At the end of its Lifespan Warhammer Fantasy was a convoluted mess. Age of Sigmar remedies its predecessor's flaw, whilst bringing a depth of its own by adopting a 'bolt-on' approach to wargaming. The game can be as simple or as complex as you like - much to Charlotte's approval - Picked by Ben

Letters From Whitechapel by Sir Chester Cobblepot : A deeply engrossing game of deduction and bluffing which pitches Jack the Ripper against the brains of Scotland Yard's finest. Historically accurate and compelling, yet unpresumingly enough so as not to glorify, or trivialise the true impact of these infamous crimes on Victorian London. - Picked by Charlotte

Settlers of Catan: Possibly one of the first "proper" board games I ever played Catan might not be the best Euro game around any more, but it is definitely still one of the ones I consistently come back to! - -Picked by Josh

Scrabble: To me Scrabble is an example of why it's not just the game itself but the memories and who you play it with. I can almost guarantee that my dad, my brother and I will be playing this Xmas day while nursing food babies! - Picked by Josh

Sushi Go!: If you don't like the art style of Sushi Go! then you're probably a psychopath. This game is extremely accessible, fun and can be played through very quickly which makes it a great wee game to keep family entertained -Picked by Ben and Charlotte

Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games : A true horror experience to those testing the cardboard-infested waters of board gaming. But if you've ever wanted to wield a shotgun against the be-tentacled cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos as you ride around Arkham atop your motorcycle, then the Arkham Militia welcomes you! -Picked by Ben

Pathfinder Role-playing Game by Paizo: The spiritual successor to D&D 3.5, regular listeners will be well aware of the campaign involving my fighter Ellard Fynn run by friend of the show Tom Mannering. Definitely one of my favourites! - Picked by Josh

Dixit by Libellud: Dixit was one of the first board games I played out with your Family favourite, Monopoly, Scrabble or Frustration. I was blown away by the fantastical and abstract art style. One of the most attractive features of Dixit is the simplicity of the game play, and as such I have been able to play it with lots of different groups – in the process becoming a new family favourite! -Picked by Charlotte

Takenoko published by Asmodee France: I have only played this game a couple of times, but what is there not to love – it's a game about a Panda! Takenoko is thematically engaging and fun to play. I really enjoyed the experience – the beautiful imagery, the angry gardeners, and the hungry pandas. -Picked by Charlotte

Warhammer Quest by Games Workshop: I have really enjoyed my foray into Silver Tower. This was my first go at a campaign style board game, and I felt it really benefited the story's narrative and the co-operative feel of the game. I have tried to get into Warhammer in the past, but always kinda fell short. For me, Warhammer Quest felt like a good starting point! -Picked by Charlotte

Lords of Waterdeep by Wizards of the Coast : A worker placement game with a bit more personality, Lords of Waterdeep tasks you with having your growing network of spies, rogues and blades-for-hire undertake quests to help you extend your reach throughout the eponymous city. Concealed player character identities add a layer of intrigue. -Picked by Charlotte & Ben

Pokemon: The Trading Card Game: Simpler, and in many ways, more streamlined than Magic, the Pokemon TCG is the tabletop game I have played the longest. It isn't too dissimilar to the video games and a lot of fun new mechanics have been added over the years. - Picked by Ben

Dark Souls: The Board Game by Steamforged Games : As satisfying as it is punishing, Dark Souls: The Board Game is excellent. All the Kronenberg-slaying without the glitches and the trolling of the video game. -Picked by Charlotte & Ben

Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder: I have always had a fascination with trains...and regional domination so this is a great game! A fun, yet competitive game to play with friends, and family at Christmas -Picked by Charlotte & Josh

Galaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chvatil: Have you ever wanted to build yourself a spaceship out of scrap and watch in horror as everything that could possibly go wrong tears your beautiful creation apart? Of course you have!! Galaxy trucker is certainly less about winning and more just surviving to the end.

- Picked by Josh

Gloom by Atlas Games: The game of Unhappy Families! A beautifully presented Gothic style card game for horrible people who also enjoy story-telling and want something with actual replay value (sorry, not sorry).

-Picked by Charlotte & Ben

Twilight Struggle by GMT Games: Touted as the best board game for many years Twilight Struggle brilliantly captures the paranoia and hysteria of the Cold War...perhaps even a foreshadowing of what is ahead... An absolute must for anyone remotely interested in this period!

-Picked by Josh

Blood Bowl: Team Manager by Fantasy Flight Games: Blood Bowl is easily one of the most beloved games Games Workshop has put out and this deck builder by fantasy flight lives up to the heavy expectation its name carries. Humour, violence and cheating are all present and correct, as you would expect!

-Picked by Josh

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire by Games Workshop: Long has Games Workshop been missing from its line-up a game with quick set-up and a short run time. This deck building miniatures game will appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers and feels very similar to the MOBA genre of video games. It's also a Game of the Year contender. -Picked by Ben & Josh

Lord of the Rings Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games: A beautifully presented card game, in keeping with Tolkien's lord. I really enjoyed the co-operative element of this game. Each deck has its own distinct theme and play style, so you do actually feel in a fellowship of sorts! -Picked by Charlotte and Ben

Tokaido by Funforge: I love this game; the look and feel of it, as well as its simplicity. It is a game you can play with a variety of people – especially at Christmas, and although I have never won a game, I don't feel that detracts from my enjoyment of this beautiful game. -Picked by Charlotte

Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast : I have a complicated relationship with Magic - I'll go off it for a while, claim that it's better for both of us if we spend some time apart, however I always end up crawling back. The original TCG, it's a testament to its design that it's stood the test of time and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. -Picked by Josh

Tales of the Arabian Nights by Z-Man Games: One of those rare games where it genuinely doesn't matter if you win, you will always have a hilarious story to tell at the end. Josh was once kidnapped by a hunchback who kept him as a slave and who made him tell him stories. What more could you want from a game? - Picked by Josh, Charlotte & Ben

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