Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast

The Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast is a tabletop gaming podcast based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

We enjoy discussing games we are playing, and games we would like to play, as well as anything remotely related to tabletop gaming culture like the convention scene, Kickstarter and game rage! We regularly play D&D, Pathfinder, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer: The Age of Sigmar and a plethora of other board games!


Who are you?

The Unlucky Frog are:

Ben Porter – Co-Host

Josh Hartley - Co-Host

Charlotte Porter - Producer


What type of content are you interesting in recording?

We are interested in a variety of recordings to do with the tabletop gaming community, not just in Scotland, but on a global scale. To date we have a selection of features including:

The Regular Show (Every Sunday 5pm GMT) – Our weekly roundup of what we have been up to over the course of the week. Listen in as we discuss anything remotely related to tabletop gaming culture from games we have played, the convention scene, Kickstarter and game rage to name a few…


Independence Day Show (Every Wednesday 5pm GMT) Our regular guest segment showcasing the best in independent game design and community. We welcome guests from all spheres of the table top gaming scene to talk about their projects and their passions.


Unlucky Frog on Tour – The name says it all! In these episodes we share with the you, the listener, our experience of gaming events, festivals and conventions. Recent On Tour episodes include our take on AireCon 2018 and Conpulsion 2018.


Hot Off the Press – Our newest feature in which we address news and current affairs from the tabletop gaming community from a journalistic perspective. These episodes are usually recorded on a needs basis and are complementary to our regular episodes.

           What’s in the Box Brand new feature coming soon – Watch this space!


I’m interested in being on the show. How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being on the show, or collaborating with us, then get in touch by dropping us an email at

Tell us a bit about yourself – the more information we have the better. Perhaps you have a topic you would like to discuss on Hot Off the Press feature, or you want to be featured in an Independence Day episode. From there we can figure out how we can move forward together.


How much notice do you need for a recording?

The notice period for a recording can vary depending on the type of feature you are interested in. Our Hot Off the Press and Regular Show episodes can be 2-3 days’ notice depending on our availability.

Our Independence Day episodes usually require a weeks’ notice. Please note that if you are interested in coming on the show to discuss a specific game, we prefer to play the game beforehand if possible. Bear this in mind if you are looking for a short notice recording time. We will also try to accommodate guests, but we feel that playing the game prior to the recording helps us to present a fully engaging and compelling recording, rather than a simple interview.


When do you record?

As we all work full time during the week we are only available to record in the evenings, usually between 7pm and 10pm GMT. During the weekend, however, we have more flexibility with availability throughout the whole day.  


What do you use to record?

We are still trying to find the perfect recording set up – if such thing actually exists! We have recently started trialing SquadCast, which is a browser enabled recording system.

We also record through Discord, which we have found has a superior audio quality than Skype.


We will discern the best way to record with our guests prior to recording.

Have your questions been answered?
If not, please get in touch with us